It is said that the best way to experience the Everglades is by boat. So, just outside of Everglades National Park, I paid $20 to an outfit that gave tourists rides through the everglades. About 15 minutes into the tour the airboat captain and tour guide killed the engine and told us we were near an alligator nest. As he made clucking noises with his mouth baby alligators began to arrive. Then the mother arrived--followed by the father and older siblings. Most of the tourists were busy snapping photos, but one man at the front of the boat seemed extremely nervous and asked the captain if we could leave. When the captain went to start the boat, the throttle cable snapped. With no radio or cell phone coverage we sat there waiting for help to arrive. The nervous man became frantic and began to yell, "I paid my $20! I want to go back! Ironically, this screaming seemed to attract even more alligators. Soon the boat was completely surrounded by alligators--some right up against the boat. As we waited for help to arrive the man's frantic screams transitioned to hysterical yelps. The Captain eventually lost his patience and exclaimed, "I think we're going to have to throw somebody over." Just then, another air boat arrived with a more experienced Captain who rigged up a makeshift throttle cable so we could continue our journey.