Life is full of suprises and contradictions. Driving between Carlsbad and El Paso is interesting--until you cross over the Gaudalupe Mountains. Then there is nothing, except some decaying remnants of a more prosperous era. About halfway to El Paso is the town of Cornudas with a population of three and a restaurant--the only building in town--that claims the world's best hamburger. How could I pass this up! I walked inside with my camera around my neck. The signs posted inside the restaurant were not exactly welcoming:

"This is not Burger King. You don't get it your way. You take it my way or you don't get it."

Then a beautiful young girl appeared at the counter with a personality to match. She saw the camera and asked excitedly if I was a photographer. She said that she wanted to be a photographer, but there weren't any schools in the area that offered photography classes. I took the girl's portrait with available light (my speedlight was buried in my suitcase) to show her how the camera worked. Then, off to El Paso with the world's best hamburger sitting next to me, waiting to be consumed.