Exterior detail of Wright Morris' boyhood home.

The idea for "Glimpses of America" started many years ago. I was browsing through old travel books at a used book store, when I stumbled upon a 1933 gem by Herbert S. Kates called, Minute Glimpses of American Cities, which contained a sketch of a skyline or a notable architectural feature along with a narrative for each of the largest American cities at the time. Although this book was interesting as a historical slice of time, it didn't really tell a story the way that really good photographs can—like the depression era photographs of Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange or the picture texts of Wright Morris. My vision for "Glimpses of America" was to meld together the concept in Minute Glimpses of American Cities with photographs that convey a sense of place. My exhibit includes nearly 70 photographs representing ten cities (both large and small), over twenty states, and a half dozen national parks. The photographs are divided nearly equally into three categories: portraits, landscapes, and architecture. Some of the photographs were taken with large and medium format film cameras and some were taken with a single lens reflex digital camera. I'm hopeful that, through these minute glimpses, I will challenge, in some small way, your current understanding of the great places that make up America.

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